WhitneySmith Company is conducting a comprehensive employee benefits survey. This survey will assist employers in comparing the design and cost of their benefit plans to organizations of similar size as well as achieving a competitive advantage when offering a benefits package to potential and existing employees.

The 2017 Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Employee Benefits Survey will provide an abundance of useful information covering such areas as eligibility criteria, benefit levels, and cost. The survey will cover the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex and surrounding areas. To ensure the comparability of your benefit programs with other companies, data will be categorized by organization size and employee classification. When completed, the survey will provide vital benefits data necessary for analyzing and evaluating the competitiveness of your company’s benefit package with other companies in your marketplace.

Special discounts are offered to members of selected human resources professional associations. Premium discounts are offered to companies that participate in the survey.

To participate in and/or purchase the survey, complete the 2017 Employee Benefits Survey Brochure and return it to our office.