The 28th annual Tarrant County Salary Survey will include over 100 exempt and nonexempt positions.  Each surveyed position will stratify salary data by high, low, mean, median, 25th and 75th percentiles and number of incumbents. The salary data is presented in annual, monthly, and hourly rates. Managerial and professional jobs are also analyzed by company size (5 size breaks by number of employees). The survey also includes data on salary increase trends, salary budget projections, salary structure adjustments and shift differential practices.

The survey provides vital Tarrant County labor market data necessary for analyzing your company’s direct compensation programs. As a participant in the survey, you will receive valuable compensation survey results at a discounted price. Although we encourage you to participate in the survey, you may purchase the survey results without participating. Special discounts are offered to members of selected human resources professional associations and clients of WhitneySmith Company. Please see the brochure for the participant/non-participant and member/non-member survey prices.

To purchase the survey, complete the 2017 Tarrant County Salary Survey Brochure and return it to our office.