WhitneySmith Company is proud to announce that we have become a Blue Zones Project Approved worksite!  Our goal as a company is to “Work Healthy, Live Healthy, Be Healthy” in order to help our employees live longer and happier lives.

Blue Zones Project® is a community-led well-being initiative designed to make healthy choices easier in Fort Worth through permanent changes to environment, policy, and social networks. When our entire community participates – from worksites and schools to restaurants and grocery stores – the small changes add up to huge benefits for all of us: lowered healthcare costs, improved productivity, and ultimately, a higher quality of life.

WhitneySmith Company is playing an important role in this well-being initiative by achieving Blue Zones Project Approved status. Some of the initiatives we have implemented to earn this designation include encouraging employees to take micro-breaks to increase productivity, volunteer to help our community, get up and move, and eat healthier, plant-based meals.

Want to learn more about Blue Zones Project?

  • Read about the original Blue Zones areas in Dan Buettner’s best-selling book, The Blue Zones: Lessons for Living Longer from the People Who Have Lived Longest.
  • Follow Blue Zones Project on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Discover volunteer opportunities where your passions align.