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HR Audits

Whitney Smith Company offers comprehensive HR audits, meticulously evaluating the human resources practices and policies of businesses to help ensure legal compliance and operational efficiency. Our services helps companies proactively address HR-related issues and optimize their workforce management strategies.

HR Audits

A human resources audit assesses the effectiveness and quality of an existing HR function and serves to identify existing and potential areas of concern, including areas that may be in violation of applicable laws and regulations. The audit focuses on employee relations, compensation, recruitment, benefits, training and other HR disciplines within the organization. We will prepare a report that summarizes the audit results and, when appropriate, outlines recommendations for corrective action.

Compensation Audits

Are your compensation practices equitable among all employees? Could some practices be creating internal inequities or even be considered discriminatory?

Our team can conduct a statistical analysis of your employee population to identify any adverse impacts or unequal treatment of protected classes that may be hidden in your company’s compensation practices. Along with this analysis and interpretation, we offer recommendations for correcting any potential pay issues.

Due Diligence Audits

The due diligence analysis provides our clients with a full review of their compensation and benefit programs, policy variances, discrimination claims, employment litigation status, staffing levels and adherence to state and federal employment laws, both prior to and during merger and acquisition events. Our team will research, identify and analyze current policies, claims and staffing issues that can impact the decisions supporting mergers and acquisitions.

Management Studies

Our consultants can evaluate selected staff members through position analyses and personal interviews to determine an individual’s qualifications for a particular leadership position. Management studies assess individual strengths and areas of opportunity, and we supply recommendations for staffing or organizational changes when necessary.

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