Benefits Communications

WhitneySmith Company will support your organization by communicating employee benefits programs, policies, and changes. Our consultants present benefit programs and changes to enhance communication with employees. These activities maximize the employees’ understanding of, and participation in, benefit programs. Benefits should be understood by employees and seen as an important component of their total compensation package.

Benefits Policies

Our consultants write benefits policies for client companies to be included in policy manuals or employee handbooks. These policies include information and procedures regarding benefits eligibility, paid and unpaid time off, medical, dental, and life insurance, retirement programs, and others. Employee benefits policies must be clear and thorough to ensure that employees understand their benefits and responsibilities for compliance with these policies. In addition, these policies assist supervisors and the human resources department in administering the policies on a consistent basis.

Benefits Studies

WhitneySmith Company gathers benefits information from survey sources for selected markets and/or industries, and the data is compiled into a report along with the client company’s benefits programs. From this comparative analysis, recommendations can be provided for modification of the client’s existing benefits program, as well as, evaluation and selection of appropriate benefits providers.

Employee Benefits Surveys

Our firm conducts surveys of benefits programs and practices for specific industries and/or geographical areas. The data obtained from these customized surveys are then analyzed and summarized into a survey report for our client.

On an annual basis, WhitneySmith Company conducts an employee benefits survey of the local labor market. Our benefits survey has support from the local business community and local human resources association and is considered a premier source of employee benefits data.