Advice and Counsel on Employee Issues

Assisting clients in handling sensitive employee relations matters is one of the most commonly requested services that our firm offers. Our consultants provide clients with non-legal advice regarding employee behavioral or performance issues. Client management teams who utilize this service can be assured that WhitneySmith Company stands ready to provide competent, objective, and fully compliant assistance in this vitally important human resources area.

Management Succession Planning

Regardless of the industry, management succession planning plays a key role in ensuring that your organization is prepared for future challenges. WhitneySmith Company can develop a program to assist your organization in recognizing and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of current managerial staff and to determine future staffing requirements of key management positions.

Background Searches

Pre-employment background searches and investigations are increasingly important in the business climate today. From thoroughly checking references to license verifications to criminal background searches, our firm can assist you in verifying that an applicant has been accurate and truthful on the application and resume. We will also ensure you are utilizing appropriate disclosures and forms including all requirements and obligations under Fair Credit Reporting Act requirements and other applicable laws and regulations.

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Employee Communications

WhitneySmith Company is able to provide our clients with complete services in the development of communications directed toward employees, such as policies and benefits information, whether delivered in print, electronically, or web-based.

Human Resources Policies

Our firm offers our many years of experience to clients in both reviewing and offering recommendations in a variety of human resources related topics such as terms and conditions of employment, employment, compensation, benefits, operating, and separation procedures.

An employee handbook can be an invaluable tool for an employer, serving to inform employees about company policies, procedures, practices, and to communicate expected performance and standards of conduct. A well-designed employee handbook can positively influence employee behavior, morale, and loyalty. An employee handbook is also a critically important tool for a client to avoid liability in employee lawsuits. An employer that clearly states policies prohibiting harassment and discrimination, outlines grounds and procedures for termination, and follows these guidelines over time will be in the best position to defend against charges in these areas.

While state and federal laws sometimes require that certain policies and procedures be posted in public places, distributing a handbook to all employees ensures that the company’s critical standards are accessible to all, and that each employee will have a handy reference when questions arise.

In addition, a supervisory manual is often developed or updated to provide the client with comprehensive documentation and administration procedures for all management-approved human resources policies and procedures. All policies are designed to meet the client’s needs and to guide supervisors in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Mediation is a form of conflict resolution through which parties are provided the opportunity and assistance they need to get beyond an impasse. The option of mediated settlements to workplace disputes is often used by organizations facing various employment-related discrimination or harassment situations, and mediation is common when dealing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or related state or local “fair employment agencies”. Our firm is highly qualified and available to represent its clients in formal mediation activities relating to a wide variety of workplace issues.

Outplacement Counseling

Our recruiters have extensive experience in providing outplacement counseling to terminated employees. From C-level executives to skilled trade workers, WhitneySmith Company can combine solution-oriented services with today’s leading technologies to deliver the most effective and fastest search cycle times.

Termination Assistance

The termination of an employee is never a pleasant task for any manager. Effectively and legally handling this sensitive activity is extremely important to protect both the organization and the individual manager from charges of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. Additionally, properly handling terminations helps protect the organization and its employees from potential retaliatory activity from a former employee. Our firm is fully prepared to assist client management teams with this often necessary but unpleasant task.

Unemployment Claim Assistance

Our firm stands ready to assist clients with all aspects of unemployment compensation claims that they may receive from former employees. When providing this service, all factors involved in a former employee’s claim for unemployment compensation are evaluated, detailed responses are prepared, and complete support is provided to the client in every stage of the unemployment compensation claim, from initial response to subsequent appeals hearings.

Workers' Compensation Claim Assistance

Our firm assists clients in creating and managing programs that encourage safe operating procedures, with an end goal of decreasing the occurrence and severity of on-the-job injuries. Our consultants can provide guidance on the proper administration of workers’ compensation claims. Also, claims brought by injured workers can be investigated both on- and off-site to determine their legitimacy.