360-Degree Performance Evaluation

Confidential evaluation instruments are provided by our consultants to a full circle of “customers” that interface with the individual manager/employee. Our consultants can prepare a formal report of the individual’s performance that combines the vertical and horizontal input from managers, peers, subordinates, and others within the organization. The report provides an assessment of the individual’s performance so that meaningful and constructive feedback can take place.

Download 360 Degree Performance Feedback Process Flyer

Employee Opinion Surveys

Confidential surveys which assess the attitudes and opinions of the client’s employee population are conducted and analyzed. Our consultants take the statistical results and comments and summarize them in a management report. At the client’s request, we can serve as an objective third-party administrator and analyze the data and make recommendations.

Performance Evaluation Programs

Exempt and nonexempt performance evaluation programs are designed by WhitneySmith Company for use in documenting and measuring employee performance against evaluation factors deemed important to the client. Performance evaluation instruments designed by WhitneySmith Company can be utilized by clients, and our consultants can assist the organization in implementing these programs and using these instruments.

Upward Appraisals

Through our firm’s processes, employees are provided the opportunity to confidentially evaluate their managers’ leadership and management skills. The evaluations are analyzed and summarized into a complete assessment of each manager’s performance, skills, and leadership style from the employees’ perspectives. Representatives from our firm can present the appraisals to the managers if requested. Our professionals can recommend and provide training, mentoring, and coaching programs if appropriate.