In any company, the process of recruiting, retaining, developing, and motivating employees is essential because without people committed to organizational goals, success will not be achieved.  Today’s human resources personnel are expected to align a company’s business goals with the needs of its people and create innovative programs that attract and retain the best talent.

WhitneySmith Company has recruiting professionals who are ready to assist with your search for executive, professional, administrative, and skilled positions. We are available to conduct the entire recruitment process or any of the individual activities below:

Interviewing Candidates

Our firm will interview perspective employees for clients over the telephone or in person, obtaining job-related information, and passing our hiring recommendations onto the client. Additionally, we are available to interview and provide an outside opinion of candidates previously identified by a client.

Conducting appropriate skills tests and/or personality assessments

With the rising costs associated with recruitment, training, poor performance, counterproductive workplace behaviors and turnover, having a valid and reliable employee selection program in place could make the difference between an organization’s success and failure. Research has consistently shown that pre-employment testing can be more effective as the job interview alone in predicting an applicant’s future job performance.

Personality profile instruments and assessments can allow employers to assess the suitability and compatibility of an individual with the organization and the job he or she will be expected to perform. In addition, personality assessments are highly useful in a variety of other human resources areas such as team building, communication training, and management development.

WhitneySmith Company offers employers a comprehensive choice of skills assessments and valid and reputable personality assessments that can be combined to offer a powerful customized solution to any organization’s specific hiring needs.

Verifying employment history and personal references

Pre-employment background searches and investigations are increasingly important in the business climate today. Our firm will thoroughly check an applicant’s employment history and personal references to assist our clients in verifying that an applicant has been accurate and truthful on the application and resume.

Conducting appropriate background checks and credential verifications

Pre-employment background searches and investigations are increasingly important in the business climate today. From thoroughly checking references to education and license verifications to criminal and/or civil background searches, our firm can assist you in verifying that an applicant has been accurate and truthful on the application and resume. We will also ensure you are utilizing appropriate disclosures and forms including all requirements and obligations under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and other applicable laws and regulations.

Providing recommendations to the client regarding candidates and compensation packages

Following a thorough search of available candidates for a position, our consultants can provide hiring and compensation recommendations for our clients. Using information from the client’s salary structure, the local labor market and the candidate’s specific experience, our consultants will recommend a salary for the prospective employee.

Extending employment offers and preparing offer letters and/or employment contracts

Our consultants are experienced in providing offer letters and employment contracts to prospective employees, taking into consideration applicable laws and regulations.

Sourcing and Screening Candidates

Our clients understand the importance of correctly recruiting and screening prospective candidates for positions within their organizations, but often do not have the time to do so thoroughly. Our firm will meet with the client to understand the details of the position to be filled, such as the job qualifications, education and skill requirements, and salary and benefits package. We will then use our resources to obtain and screen candidates for our clients.

Conducting negotiations between the candidate and the client

Our firm will act as a third-party negotiator in discussions between a client and a prospective employee. Such discussions will result in a positive outcome for the organization and prospective employee.