Coaching targets leadership development and improved business results. Simply put, executive coaching consists of a series of structured, one-on-one interactions between a coach and an executive, manager, or supervisor aimed at enhancing that individual’s performance on the job and to achieve balanced success in work, life, and com­munity.  WhitneySmith Company is pleased to provide coaching services, from training to various personality assessments, to our clients.

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Our firm will provide professional strategic facilitation services to assist clients in developing achievable visions, generating new ideas and practical strategies, and setting organizational objectives. Our facilitation services can help your organization align with your strategic agenda and ultimately innovate new ways to do business.

Training Programs

Organizations often mistakenly assume that managers and other employees naturally possess the necessary skills and knowledge to ensure that they are fully informed regarding human resources issues. Proper training is essential to ensure effective and compliant administration of matters relating to employment laws and other human resources-related matters.

WhitneySmith Company provides a wide range of customized and cutting-edge training programs for organizations ranging from highly technical human resources administrative topics to “soft skills” training such as team building and communications…and everything in between.

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Examples of training programs which will be customized for your employees and/or management team include:

Employee Orientation

New employee orientation involves all aspects of the process of integrating a new employee into an organization. An effective employee orientation program can assist with retention, motivation, job satisfaction, and can quickly enable each individual to become a contributing member of the work team. WhitneySmith Company can assist your organization in designing a new employee orientation program that will best serve to accommodate, assimilate, and accelerate your newly hired team members.