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Whitney Smith Company conducts annual compensation and benefits surveys crossing various industries for our local Tarrant County and D/FW labor market. These surveys are considered a premier source of compensation and benefits data and are supported by the local business community.

Whitney Smith Company also conducts industry-specific surveys. Depending upon the needs of a sponsoring professional association or industry group, the surveys can cover a wide spectrum of jobs ranging from executives to entry-level jobs necessary for benchmarking jobs for a given industry, business type and/or geographic labor market(s).

2024 Tarrant County Salary Survey

Whitney Smith Company is conducting its 2024 Tarrant County Salary Survey, which encompasses both exempt and nonexempt positions. The survey analyzes salaries for more than 100 roles across various metrics and provides insights into salary trends and budget projections. This survey offers vital Tarrant County labor market insights, allowing companies to analyze their direct compensation programs.

2024 Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Employee Benefits Survey

Whitney Smith Company is conducting the 2024 Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex Employee Benefits Survey, a comprehensive employee benefits survey that assists employers in comparing the design and cost of their benefit plans to organizations of a similar size. The survey provides data needed to analyze and evaluate the competitiveness of your company’s benefits package within your marketplace. Discounts are offered to survey participants and Whitney Smith Company or Higginbotham clients.

2024 Permian Basin Oil and Gas Compensation Survey

Whitney Smith Company is conducting the annual Permian Basin Oil and Gas Compensation Survey, sponsored by the Permian Basin Petroleum Association. The survey targets both members and nonmembers with Exploration & Production (E&P) operations in the Permian Basin region. The survey includes various compensation metrics for over 90 benchmark positions, reporting results in aggregate and by company size groups.

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